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Catholic Homes welcomes the development of the new St Vincent’s facility


Catholic Homes Chief Executive John Fitzgerald and Catholic Homes Board Member Marina Re turn the first sod. Photo: St Vincent’s Catholic Homes.


By Theresia Titus

Catholic Homes last week officially commemorated the beginning of construction of their new facility at St Vincent’s in Guildford with a “Ground Breaking Ceremony” on 27 June.

Catholic Homes Executive Manager Mission Bernadette Brady opened the ceremony with a welcoming speech, which was followed by a speech by Catholic Homes Board representative Marina Re and Catholic Homes Chief Executive John Fitzgerald.


Catholic Homes Board Member Marina Re during her speech at the ceremony. Photo: St Vincent’s Catholic Homes.

Marina Re explained that the project is significant for St Vincent’s and has been a long time coming.

“The need to renew this site has been noticed, discussed and planned for a long time,” Marina Re said.

“It has taken vision and courage to make it come to fruition now, particularly in these challenging times.”


From Left: Paul van Niekerk from Peter Hunt Architect, Don Koontz from dk Project Consulting Pty Ltd, and Ron Edenburg from Peter Hunt Architect. Photo: St Vincent’s Catholic Homes.

One of the challenges faced by Catholic Homes, Marina Re said, would be to provide excellent care to the residents while also building a new facility alongside them.

“It’s an opportunity to show leadership and innovation in aged care while contributing services to the local community in Guildford, and the wider Western Australian community.

“We have a commitment to continuing that care based on love and guided by a commitment to the dignity of each person,” she added.

“We believe the buildings will allow for a sense of community, and create a respectful, welcoming and healing place.”

Mr Fitzgerald mentioned in his speech that the primary purpose of the new facility would be to provide an enjoyable, warm, and welcoming home for the residents of Catholic Homes.

“Contemporary in style, our new building is designed with state of the art facilities including 81 beds, comprising 75 single rooms and six suites,” Mr Fitzgerald said.


Executive Manager Mission Bernadette Brady spoke during her welcoming speech. Photo: St Vincent’s Catholic Homes.

He also mentioned that there will be easy access to the spacious communal living area and serving kitchens, as well as a large underground car park that aids access to the site.

The total area of the new facility will be 5,766sqm, with the ground floor comprising of 2831sqm, and first floor comprising of 2935sqm.

The additional basement and under croft parking area would fit 56 cars and is 2482sqm in total.

After the speeches, the ceremony concluded with Marina Re and John Fitzgerald “turning the first sod”.