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Online and face-to-face courses a perfect way of entering into Lenten journey


Fr Charles Waddell will be running two online courses this term: The Book of Exodus for Lent and The Gospel of Matthew. Photo: Marco Ceccarelli

By Marco Ceccarelli

With the Season of Lent fast approaching, the Centre for Faith Enrichment (CFE) – the adult faith formation agency of the Perth Archdiocese – is offering a number of short, captivating and engaging courses and events for anyone seeking to better understand and observe this particular period of the liturgical year.

From taking a closer look at The Book of Exodus via an online course, to the exploration of Lent as the discovery of a “call to new life” that is at the heart of our baptism, people throughout our Archdiocese will have the opportunity to better engage with their Catholic faith.

This term, Perth Priest and author of Jesus Matters (St Paul’s Publications), Fr Charles Waddell, will offer participants a chance to interactively explore scripture from the comfort of their own home by delivering two online courses: The Book of Exodus for Lent and The Gospel of Matthew.

These will be complemented by a three-week, face-to-face, course by Sister Wendy Lailey RSJ, entitled My Journey: Lent to New Life, to be held at the parish centre of Holy Rosary Church in Nedlands.

Sister Shelley Barlow RNDM will also be giving a Lenten themed course, entitled Three Tuesday Mornings in Lent, to be held at Newman Siena Centre in Doubleview in the month of March.

Lastly, Deacon Greg Lowe will address the theme of “spiritual nourishment” during Lent in his one-off talk, Spiritual Nourishment for Our Lenten Journey, at St Pius X Parish on two Sundays, 5 March and 2 April (details below).

Recently appointed Director of The Centre for Faith Enrichment, Dr Marco Ceccarelli, emphasised the importance of engaging in adult faith formation within the Archdiocese of Perth and commented on Centre for Faith Enrichment’s role in facilitating this engagement.

“The courses offered by our centre are brief, very affordable, do not involve tests or assignments, and may address a particular interest or curiosity which someone has about their faith. This may in turn lead them to pursue further interest in areas such as spirituality, Church history, theology, scripture, Christian living and much more.

“There is a richness within our Catholic tradition that, if conveyed by talented presenters such as the ones we have at the Centre for Faith Enrichment, can be of incredible help to people on their faith journey. I would encourage anyone with a desire, small as it may be, to know more about their faith to try at least one of our courses or simply contact us.

To watch the Centre of Faith Enrichment promotion video, please Click Here.


The Lenten themed courses and events on offer in Term 1 are:


The Book of Exodus for Lent – Online

Three sessions, every Thursday, 2 March – 16 March

Time: 7:30pm – 8:15pm

Suggested donation: $15

With: Fr Charles Waddell

This course relates the meaning the Book of Exodus to our own life journey towards the Promised Land.


The Gospel of Matthew – Online

Three sessions, every Tuesday, 21 March – 4 April

Time: 7:30pm – 8:15pm

Suggested donation: $15

With: Fr Charles Waddell

The course focuses on the Gospel of the Beatitudes found in Matthew and addresses Jesus’ invitation “Come to me all you who labour and are overburdened…” (Mt 11: 28-30).


My Journey – Lent to New Life

Three sessions, every Thursday, 2 March – 16 March

Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Suggested donation: $15

With: Sr Wendy Lailey, RSJ

Location: Holy Rosary Parish Centre, Nedlands

This short course will explore how the journey of Lent leads us to discover anew the call to new life that is at the heart of our baptism.


Three Tuesday Mornings in Lent

Three sessions, every Tuesday, 14 March – 28 March

Time: 10am –12.30pm

Suggested donation: $22.50

With: Sr Shelley Barlow, RNDM

Location: Newman Siena Centre, Doubleview

The Liturgical Readings of the following Sunday will be the focus of a Lectio Divina (Sacred Reading) experience.  “Indeed the word of God is alive and active … penetrating the thoughts and intentions of the heart” (Heb 4.12).  What word is God speaking in our hearts and in our world during this sacred Season of Lent?


Spiritual Nourishment for Our Lenten Journey – (One-off talk, payment by donation)

Sunday, 5 March and Sunday, 2 April, 6pm– 7pm,

With: Deacon Greg Lowe

Location: St Pius X Parish, Manning

All are welcome to attend this short, Sunday evening talk which will offer us some spiritual nourishment as we begin our Lenten journey.


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