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Archdiocesan Vocations Office enters digital age through new website


The new Archdiocesan Vocations website is dedicated to encouraging vocations to the priesthood. Image: Sourced

By Marco Ceccarelli

A website featuring an array of informative categories and eye-catching videos is the new Archdiocesan Vocations Office’s latest addition to a program aimed at promoting the beauty of priesthood and the fulfilment that comes with answering God’s call to this ministry.

Designed as a stepping stone for those discerning their vocation, or simply for those wanting to know more about the priesthood, the website offers a number of platforms from which one may gain an insight into various aspects of discernment and priestly life.

The videos within the website, including a captivating music video featuring a song written by Vocations Office Assistant Director, Father Mark Baumgarten, touch on a number of aspects connected to the ministry of priesthood.

Among the more prominent topics discussed are: Being a Priest today, the Seminary, Celibate life; Discernment of one’s vocation; Joys and Challenges of Priesthood and Advice for those Considering the Priesthood.

Other areas worthy of mention are the section on discernment – a page which helps those who may be thinking about the priesthood understand some of the signs which may confirm their calling; the formation page - a simple yet poignant explanation of the four pillars of formation and the FAQ page – an important part of the website which addresses some of the greatest questions surrounding the priesthood.

Interposed throughout the website are the testimonies and experiences of priests from the Perth Archdiocese – men who are carrying out their priestly vocation and who give a first-hand account of the joys and challenges of living as a priest today.

Vocations Office Director, Fr Jean-Noel Marie, said the Vocations Office has been working hard towards both the website and the greater promotion of priesthood to those young people whom he believes are today likely to use the internet to access information.

“We live in an information age where people, especially our youths, are being inundated with a considerable amount of information on life choices and future directions and most of that information is coming through modern technology and social media.

“It is therefore imperative that the voice of the Church is heard loud and clear by those who are beginning to wonder about their purpose in life and what direction they should take to find true fulfilment in becoming the person they are being called to be,” Fr Jean-Noel said.

“This website is primarily designed to inspire our people to respond boldly and joyfully to their respective vocations and also act as a form of GPS, or road map, for their ultimate destiny,” Fr Jean-Noel added.

His comments were supported by those of Fr Mark Baumgarten, who referred to the site as another resource for the Vocations Office to use in its mission to promote priestly vocations in the Archdiocese and to assist people who are discerning their vocation.

“This new website is an added element which helps our job of assisting people in their discernment. Of course, one-on-one contact is still fundamental, but the website’s purpose is to help answer those initial questions that our young men may have as they contemplate whether priesthood may be for them. We hope to inspire people and help nourish the seeds that God has planted.”

Fr Mark also clarified that the emphasis on the priesthood should not be seen as a denigration of other callings within the Church.

“As Archbishop Costelloe noted in his welcome message on the website, the various societal factors working against Catholic men being open to a priestly vocation make it appropriate for us to dedicate special attention to assisting those whom the Lord might be calling to this precious and needed vocation.

“However, while we have been tasked with focusing our promotional efforts on the priesthood, the Vocations Office is also happy to be a first point of contact for anyone discerning any kind of vocation within the Church,” Fr Mark said.

“There are similarities in the process of discerning for all vocations, and we are happy to meet with anyone wrestling with questions of discernment and to offer whatever help we can.”

The new Vocations Office website may be visited via the following link: