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Speak to Jesus, and discover him for yourself, Archbishop says

In this week's episode of A Word for Today's World, released today online at The Faith Centre, Archbishop Barry James Hickey tells the story of how one woman discovered the presence of Jesus.

“To vent her feelings she decided to imagine herself confronting Jesus to tell him what she thought of him,” he said.

“As she talked to him in her imagination, a very strange thing happened to her. She had the strange feeling that he was really there, that she was talking to a real person.”

This experience changed her life. It led her to the Catholic Church. She described receiving the sacraments as “pure joy”.

Archbishop Hickey invites all his viewers to tread the same path: “to speak to Jesus and not be surprised, to find he is really there, risen from the dead, always available to us”.

This is Archbishop Hickey’s seventh episode of A Word for Today’s World. There are two more episodes in the series, which will be released in coming weeks.

Watch this week's episode via The Faith Centre.