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What the Church teaches about Refugees and Asylum Seekers
This pamphlet represents a compilation of Catholic Social Teaching on migration and asylum from various sources.

Multiculturalism is about fostering one’s own identity so that we know who we are.
We do this with a purpose in mind: that of encouraging a culture of encounter and dialogue with others in the community. In this way, empathy is given life, social cohesion established and harmony is experienced. In so doing, we become more human, as it were, because we become more integrated as persons and more civil as a society. The outcome of a successful multiculturalism policy is intercultural living. 

Why are migrants, refugees and asylum seekers are important in the life of the Church?
Pope Francis’ 3-minute video, with subtitles in each language, explaining our response to migrants, asylum seekers, refugees and the displaced:

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Western Australia (WA) 2016 Census.pdf
Learn more about cultural diversity in WA 

Government helps for migrants, refugees and new arrivals

Information to help you begin a new life in Australia