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Care Leavers (Former Child Migrants)

The Archives Office holds some records of individual former child migrants from the Catholic Migrant Centre, formerly the Catholic Episcopal Migration and Welfare Association (CEMWA). These are the only records we hold in relation to out-of-home care institutions. 

Information may only be released on the basis of applications made by the individuals. Please complete the Child Migrant Request Application Form and see identification requirements below. Should you require assistance with the identification requirements please contact the Archives Office.

Access by Care Leavers (Former Child Migrants)

One of the following means of identification is normally required:

  • Driver’s licence
  • Passport
  • Citizenship Papers
  • Social Security Identification
  • Statutory Declaration

Individuals who have changed their name by marriage, or other legal means, are normally required to produce the relevant legal documents.

Access by Persons other than Care Leavers (Former Child Migrants)

As these are confidential documents, we can only provide information to people with authorised permission. Please see the table for access requirements.

Enquiries from Family MembersApplicants must provide personal identification and documentation which establishes the relationship with the individual about whom information is being sought and to establish their entitlement to that information.
Enquiries from Other AgenciesInformation will only be released to other agencies with the written consent of the individual concerned.  Such agencies must be specific about the information that they require and provide adequate reason for the request.