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Who is permitted to attend a service in a Catholic church?

Anyone is permitted to attend a service in a Catholic church. Although the property is owned by the local Catholic diocese, the building is a place for all of God’s people. There is no strict dress code although, out of respect for God Himself and for others present, we strongly advise that people attending are appropriately clothed so as not to appear flirtatious or improper.It is no bad thing to dress smartly as a way of offering to God “our best” which is what He deserves. However, God is much more concerned with the state of our hearts than with our attire.

If attending a Catholic service for the first time, it is best to quietly sit somewhere near to the back of the building so as to observe all that is going on. Please do try and say hello to others present, and especially to the priest or deacon or whoever is leading the Church service.