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Having heard some of the callers on ABC local radio this morning, I feel the need to say more than was reported in today’s West Australian.
While it is true that I had little evidence of forced consents to adoption, I realize that many of the young women at the time were not clear that their consent was required. Many were confused, feeling powerless during their pregnancy for fear that their baby would be taken from them.
Consent obviously became submerged under the weight of other issues being discussed. With the involvement of their parents, priests in some cases, and the Sisters, I can well understand that they felt that others around them were making the decisions.
Adding to all this the painful years of grieving for their lost baby, I can only say how sorry I am that they had to go through so much pain and anguish.
The truth needs to come out. It must be faced. Please let us know what we need to hear.
+Barry Hickey                                                            
Archbishop of Perth                                                              
26 July 2011



During a youth consultation in May 2005, I was repeatedly urged to find some way to appear regularly on television to remind the community about God and the important values that flow from our knowledge of God.

Since August 2005, I have filmed and produced thirty second and sixty second presentations which were broadcast on commercial television networks in Perth, Western Australia.  These commercials afforded me an opportunity of comunicating directly with a large cross-section of the community, and to respond to emerging issues.  My commercials were promoted to the general public under the brand - TODAY'S COMMENT presented by Archbishop Hickey.

Most Rev B J Hickey
Archbishop of Perth



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